17 Jul 2015

Brown Noise Unit interview HILLS about their new album

Hills Interview
Published on July 17th, 2015 | by The Beige Baron

Psych-rock collective Hills’ new album Frid—a greeting which means “inner peace” in Swedish–is one of the best psychedelic rock albums I’ve heard this year.

Slated for release on August 28, the LP sees the seeds planted on debut full-length Master Sleeps flourish in a bloom of hypnotic drones and lush instrumentation that push ever deeper into the territory covered on the first record.

While Frid‘s opener Kollektiv references late ’60s rock with jazzy Mitch Mitchell drum fills and blasting fuzz guitar (the album art gives a nod to International Harvester’s landmark 1969 album Sov Gott Rose-Marie, a big influence on the band), it’s the second cut National Drone that sets the scene for what’s to follow as the music plunges into deep ethno-flavored psychedelia.

Swirls of wah guitar unfold over a spinning fractal mandala of strummed acoustic and flute on track three, Anukthal Is Here, before Milarepa vacuums it up in droning tape delay and piping flutes...

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