9 Jul 2015

Hey Colossus in Monitors 'Best albums of the year so far' list

Black and Gold, the stunning album by Hey Colossus that we released earliest in the year has been listed by Monitors as one of the best albums of the year so far, and deservedly so as it is a stunning record!!

This is what they say about the record:

“It seems some sort of wonderful musical alchemy has occurred within the wired minds of London/Somerset noise-drone assaulters Hey Colossus… An evolution has been taking place, bubbling away in the darkness while you sat on your arse and watched Emmerdale Farm… With In Black And Gold it seems they’ve found the right balance of precision and force to strike the motherload. Just listen to surprisingly gentle Vangelis synth dream opener ‘Hold On’. It’s an absolute beast of an album and sees the band pushing their sound into far more emotive territories.”

See the full list here: The Monitors