31 Jan 2021

Rocket Probes – January 2021 playlist

Tomaga – Intimate Immensity

Petbrick - Vieux Bonlonge
(New Petbrick on God Unknown)

Sunburned Hand of the Man – Flex
(New psyched sounds)
Sunburned Hand of the Man

Lankum – The Pride of Petravore
(Soundtracking the start of 2021) 

Joshua Abrams – Natural Information / Represencing
(Great reissues of sublime repetitions)
Joshua Abrams

Divide & Dissolve – Gas Lit
(Heavy spectral sounds)
Divide & Dissolve

Don Cherry - Om Shanti Om
(Improvisations, meditations and repetitions)
Don Cherry

Joanna Brouk ‎– The Space Between
(Always an incredible listen)
Joanna Brouk

Madvillain – Shadows of Tomorrow
(Psyched hop)

Michel Banabila – Everywhere Else Is Just Right Here
(Fourth World explorations)
Michel Banabila

Avon Terror Corps – Wish You Were Avon
(Latest comp of sounds from the '0272')
Avon Terror Corps

Paranoid London – Seasoning Edits
(Krauty beats)
Paranoid London

Slow White Fall – Pushing Through The Wall
(Feedbacking machines)
Slow White Fall

Drew McDowall - Agalma
(Immersive, collaborative landscapes – thanks to Iggor for the recommendation)
Drew McDowall

The Body – Tied Up and Locked
(Pure filth...love the art too!)
The Body

Susan Christie – Paint a lady
(Trips and dreams)
Susan Christie

Crazy Doberman – Two Tales Of Lost Witness Marks
(Latest immersions from the very prolific Crazy Doberman)
Crazy Doberman

La Nòvia – Le soleil ni même la lune
(Repetitive Folk with a 'France' connection)
La Nòvia 

Mark Dicker – Metropolith
(Tesla Tape noises)
Mark Dicker

July – July
(Classic slice of psych pop to combat the lockdown blues)

Tachycardie – Directement au voleur
(Lost in the rhythms)

Tuluum Shimmering – Brown Rice
(Hour long Don)
Tuluum Shimmering

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