1 Feb 2021

Anthroprophh feature on Artrocker fundraising compilation for Resonance FM

They say:

"21 For 21"
Bands Raising Funds for Resonance FM Radio

Curated by Artrocker Radio

Available via Bandcamp for the month of February only during Resonance FM's fund raising period.

Buy here: Artrocker 


The bands: The Lovely Eggs / Snapped Ankles / AK/DK  / Shopping / USA Nails / Barringtone / Japanese Television / Hey Colossus / Girls in Synthesis / The Callas / Lower Slaughter / Die Die Die / War on Women / Big Lad / Blacklab / Democrash / Anthroprophh / Global Charming / JC Satan / Slift / Pet Crow /

Resonance is a groundbreaking 24/7 radio station which broadcasts on 104.4 FM to central London, DAB to Greater London, nationally on Radioplayer and live streamed to the rest of the world.

Resonance needs to raise £20,000 to get us through these difficult times. Free media - operating two independent 24/7 radio stations on FM and DAB in five UK cities - inevitably costs money. They can't maintain their services without your help. Our dedicated community of 250 programme-makers and volunteer engineers donate their expertise week-in, week-out to keep Resonance on-air.




Artrocker Radio has been broadcasting with Resonance FM for over a decade now, blasting out the far-from-easy-listening tones of the international underground 'indie' scenes that encompass the energetic sounds of genres such as post-punk, psych, garage rock, hardcore punk, krautrock, synth-wave, darkwave, new-wave, no-wave, and many of the numerous metals from thrash to doom. With Paul and Lewis at the helm, we've also focused on what is happening on the live scene in London in order to encourage you to get out and see live music or at least support it...... until this, troublesome year.

But reflecting a year of innovative crowd and fund raising events and releases from the DIY music scene we've decided to do likewise and compile a collection / compilation of some of our very favourite bands. The bands have contributed tracks for free, so you simply have to make a purchase of the compilation on bandcamp in order to contribute to the Resonance FM fund raising. You can contribute as much as you'd like.

The Bands - some names you'll know, some will be new to you - that's how Artrocker works - today's unknowns are tomorrow's favourites.

"21 for 21" will include 21 of our current favourite bands who have featured prominently on the show.

Many thanks to all the bands and labels for generously contributing to this compilation.

We keep Artrocker Radio going because we love what we do and we think it is important to give exposure to the underground and DIY scene. Resonance FM have been tirelessly supportive of Artrocker Radio for which we are extremely grateful - we can only conclude they feel the same way. Resonance FM love what they do and believe it important to give exposure for all kinds of shows, not just Artrocker. We think it is vital to keep it going for another ten years. The beauty is, that you can play a part.

Paul and Lewis, Artrocker Radio