27 Feb 2021

Rocket Probes – February 2021 playlist

VED – Ett visst fängelse

(Banging new single by this Swedish band)

DJINN – Transmission
(Incredible album of eclectic, cosmic jazz from Hills/Goat members)

Flowers Must Die – Live in Liege
(Live recording of a very special show in 2018 featuring guests Hanna from Hills and Laura from Julie's Haircut)
Flowers Must Die

The Utopia Strong – Ninth Art
Latest album in their beautiful live series of ltd hand made LPs)
The Utopia Strong

Oneida – The Brah Tapes
(New 'old' big O and lot's of it!)

Yerba Mansa – Five Years
(Amazing album of free-form psych on Box records, can't wait to see this lot live again)
Yerba Mansa 

The Stargazer's Assistant – Remoteness Of Light
(Mike from Utopia Strong and Dave from Guapo create haunting, psychedelic landscapes)
The Stargazer's Assistant

Miles Davis – The Lost Septet
(One review of this 1970 show said it is "more Sabbath than Sly Stone")
Miles Davis

Sosena Gebre Eyesus ‎– Sosena Gebre Eyesus
(This great album still getting a lot of plays...new reissue on Little Axe soon)
Sosena Gebre Eyesus

Byron Westbrook – Distortion Hue
(Great new album...on Hands in the dark)
Byron Westbrook

John Dwyer – Baphomet
(Great album....but this track in particular a bit special)
John Dwyer 

Dadawah – Peace and Love
(Saw a review once saying "this is the closest reggae comes to psychedelia")

Don Cherry & Terry Riley ‎– Tambourinen Session
(Impeccable immersions)
Don Cherry & Terry Riley

John Carroll Kirby – Conflict / Tuscany
(Some very fine Centrum recommendations)

Moths and Locusts – A ram named drama
(Nice bit of fuzzy psych)
Moths and Locusts

Jericho – Jericho
(Another great La Novia release)

Running – Art Seen
(Another banging Cherrystones recommendation)

Kutiman – Maasai in Dub
(Psyched dub sounds)

Banabila, Erker, Samson –  Viewpoint
(Cheers to GNOD's Paddy for intro'ing this)
Banabila, Erker, Samson

Ryley Walker And Kikagaku Moyo -– Deep Fried Grandeur
(Nice 'space outs' recorded at Le Guess Who, with a bit of a sprinkling of Cave/Bitchin Bajas productions)
Ryley Walker And Kikagaku Moyo

Caterina Barbieri – Fantas for Saxophone and voice 
(Horns n' repetitions and scattered rhythms...cheers to Mike Bourne for turning us on to this)
Caterina barbieri 

Keith Hudson – Hunting
Keith Hudson

EP/64 – EP/64-57
(With added doses of Ben Vince)

Natural Information Society – Descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
(New Natural Information Society – recorded live at Cafe Oto)
Natural Information Society

Jaques Denjean – Nevrose
(Fuzzy French wonderfulness)
Jaques Denjean

Tanz Mein Herz – Quattro
(Drones and rhythms from France...another Paddy heads-up)
Tanz Mein Herz

Agitation Free - You Play For Us Today 
(Killer classic)
Agitation Free

Brightblack Morning Light – Star Blanket Child
(Another fine recommendation from Centrum)
Brightblack Morning Light

Sawdust Caesars – Flower Pop Show
(Old Rocket group of acid-punkers drop their first new track in many years on this comp...their debut album which is more than 25 years in the making is coming out soon apparently)
Sawdust Caesars

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