28 Jan 2021

Jazz.PT reviews Paisiel's 'Unconscious Death Wishes'

They say:

The Portuguese Lovers & Lollypops has released a series of records that explore the frontiers of jazz, rock, and environmental music. This new LP, released in late 2020 in partnership with Rocket Recordings, is one of those cases that challenge the classifying logic of listeners: does it go to the electronics, jazz, rock, experimental section?

The disc is made of drums, percussion and saxophone. João Pais Filipe is today an essential name of the Portuguese scene: multipercussionist, he is able to install the most hypnotic rhythms and to create small variations in these ushers (in addition to being an industrious blacksmith, manufacturer of cymbals, gongs and other metal percussion instruments ). German saxophonist Julius Gabriel settled in Porto creating a series of collaborations with local musicians, including this duo that is made up of long repetitive lines, in a mantric environment, but in which we also hear some echoes of German “industrial” music ...

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