24 Jul 2013

Anthroprophh & Big Naturals FAG Radio Show

Over the last 4-5 months Anthroprophh (Proff from The Heads) and Gareth from the Big Naturals have been involved in a night in Bristol called 'FAG radio'. 

Olmo of Zamzam Records Zamzam streams the whole thing live to the internet and you can watch / listen to the nights events here: FAG radio

The FAG shows present 3 bands playing experiment sets and both Anthroprophh and Gareth (Salope) have previously played minimal sets themselves.

Anthroprophh plays records inbetween the bands and aims to play experimental sounds from the 50s- to now. A mixture of Musique Concret, strange and Electronic Library, odd private press outsider sounds, European No Wave, Punk and Minimal Synth, Acid Folk and Free Jazz, anything that comes from the leftfield side of the spectrum, with the odd psych record sneaked in. Ross Roberts of Bumtapes Bumtapes sometimes DJs.

You can Listen to Anthroprophh's DJ set & some of the live music here: Greasy Trucker

The nights are all thanks to Olmo, Gareth and Heloise and their passion and enthusiasm for bringing interesting sounds to a small but appreciative audience.