21 Mar 2017

Son of Marketing reviews Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It reads:

Independent in an independent musical environment. This is the status of the italian band Julie’s Haircut, active since 1994, who never wanted to be captured in a specific scene. That’s why they usually hang out at international circuits and you cannot recognize their italian origins, except from a delicate attention to melodies. This is the premise for their seventh album, Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin, out now for the British label Rocket Recordings, in which you will find their personal interpretation of psychedelia, a soft and meditative one. This interpretation is nourished by post rock rides, without the typical explosions of the genre. So this album is to be listened as a good synthesis of post rock and psych sound.

Bass vapors introduce the quietness of “Zukunft”, from the solemn gait of a delicate electric piano to the incipit of a tense drum which opens the second part of the song, in which noise and a far sax duet. An episode like “The Fire Sermon” offers an intimate journey in which drums lead the dance. “Orpheus Rising” is delicate with its twist of trumpet, guitar, bass and drumming. “Deluge” in the beginning is a hard psych track, with a shouting sax in evidence, while suddenly the music stops leaving empty floydian spaces brushed by a warm trumpet. At the end the song explodes in a volcano of distorted guitars. Some other tracks offer a more psychedelic side of the band, but the real plus of this album is its attitude to offer a wide range of trips to the listener.

You will not fall in love with this music because it is not made for emotional involvement, it is a music for brain and reflections, to abandon oneself to the flow.

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