7 Mar 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Gnoomes album Tschak!

It reads:

Russia is a country perhaps more known for its clamping down of certain freedoms, it’s perhaps surprising to find a burgeoning psychedelic scene. Maybe it’s the need to escape from an authoritarian reality that has driven bands to explore inner and outer worlds, it also provides an interesting way of questioning their surroundings.

One such band is Gnoomes who, with debut album Ngan, alerted the UK psych world to this new region. Helped in no small way by the ever excellent Rocket Recordings, they have soon marked themselves as one of the most exciting and interesting bands around these days. Taking blissed out trance, industrial psych and a complete freedom of approach to do whatever they feel like, Gnoomes have unwittingly set themselves up as a yin to the yang of that other great Rocket band, Gnod…

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