31 Mar 2017

Echoes and Dust and Freq reviews Gnod's new album

E&D reads:

How the fuck is it that we seem to get another excellent Gnod album every year? Whether it’s 2015’s extraordinary triple-album, Infinity Machines, 2016’s brutalist classic The Mirror or this year’s bold, defiant and sloganeering JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE, the statement holds true; every year the band releases a new masterpiece and in addition to that incredible feat of musicianship, they’ve also contributed to 2017 likely being Rocket Recording’s best year to date as well as releasing an incredible ambient collaboration in between their releases on their Tesla Tapes label with Anthony Childs...

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Freq reads:

There will be many howls, and here’s one of the first out of the blocks. Gnod can meander, at times (and I like their meanderings), but here the rage is palpable; this is a headbutt into the side of a fast-moving machine. Hawkwind on double-speed, ditching the mushrooms for Brown Acid and amphetamania.

I mean, it’s not all like this – but the album is dominated by riffs; monstrous and head-shaking and world-annihilating as they are. This is still psych music, but veiled in exasperation and threat; psych music that is distinctly unhinged and hanging on a thread. 

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