16 Mar 2017

The Monitors say some words on Gnoomes and Hey Colosssus

It reads:

Gnoomes – City Monk
Rocket Recordings expand their increasingly global outlook with Gnoomes, a Russian trio whose unshrinking psychedelia naturally bends towards the label’s orbit. ‘City Monk’ is one of the most effortlessly fluid tracks on their recently released album Tschak!, sounding like Deerhunter’s ‘Cryptograms’ if performed by a blissed out Simeon Coxe.

Hey Colossus – Experts Toll
Experts, eh? WE’VE ALL HAD ENOUGH OF BLOODY EXPERTS RIGHT? Oh no wait, it’s poor quality insoles we’ve all had enough of. Not many fans of experts around these days either though. Luckily Hey Colossus are back to take issue with the wilful ignorance and obfuscation that are increasingly defining our era, and doing in typically robust style. ‘Experts Toll’ is significantly more tuneful than previous releases, continuing their progression towards more melodic territory but without abandoning the amped-up engine that got them there.

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