31 Mar 2017

Rocket probes – March playlist

Various – Fundraising Album for Amanda
(Fundraising compilation that features unreleased music by Gnoomes, Julie's Haircut, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Mike Bourne (Teeth of the Sea), Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Shit and Shine, Mamuthones, Gum Takes Tooth, Tomaga and many many more...essential you all buy this:
Fundraising Album for Amanda

Hey Colossus – The Guillotine
(They return with their third and probably best album for Rocket...its a killer!)
Hey Colossus

Temple Ov BBV – Temple Ov BBV
(Killer collaboration between Gnod and Radar Men from the Moon...post punk psych noise goodness)
Temple Ov BBV

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – The sound of all things (Gnoomes remix)
(Gnoomes have created a highly impressive remix for the living room dance floor)
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Colin Potter – The Ghost Office
(Essential reissue of lo-fi kraut from 1980...Harmonia/Cluster motorik electronica, to proto-Spacemen 3 and Craig Leon, don't miss this!)
Colin Potter

Robedoor - Mage Image
(Our fave Californian’s are back with a new album on Hands in Dark)

Lucidvox – Дым / Dym
(Great psyched-out krautpunk/noisepop from our second favourite band from Russia)

Pilgrims of Peace – The Slipper
(Highly stoned dubbed techno grooves...one for the heads)
Pilgrims of Peace

Harold Budd – Dark Star
(Great droning synth goodness from 1984)
Harold Budd

Marijata - This Is Marijata
(Nice horn driven afro grooves with the odd stab of fuzz)

Time Is A Mountain – Tempi Campi
(More great jazzy psych from Sweden...what they put in the water there!!)
Time Is A Mountain

Various – Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu
(Compilation of tracks from the 70/80s Turkish tape label)
Akbaba Ikilisi

Horse Lords – Interventions
(Instrumental repetitions...like Clearspot Beefheart meets Backdoor or Minutemen meets the Necks or Cave meets This Heat)
Horse Lords

Weidorje - Vilna
(Steve Davis dropped this into his DJ set when we saw him recently and the room erupted...70s French jazzprog feat members of Heldon and Magma)

Snapped Ankles – I want my minutes back
(Great slice of repetitive postpunk pop that does call to mind the kraut punk grooves of Mamuthones)
Snapped Ankles

Oneida – Saturday (Live At Secret Project Robot)
(Track from new Live album recorded in 2015)

Wapassou ‎– Femmes-Fleurs
(Great grooved out 70s fuzz psych instrumental from France)

Girls in Synthesis – The Mound
(Nice bit of noisy krautpunk from London)
Girls in Synthesis

Scorpion Violente ‎– The Knife
(Another great slab of psyched-out dark electro from the Italians)
Scorpion Violente

Th' Faith Healers - Delores
(Great track of repetitive noise rock...has a proper krautpunk stomp in the last half)
Th' Faith Healers

Pact Infernal – Circle VIII (Fraud)
(Tribal grooves and drones)
Pact Infernal 

Niagara – Amarelo
(Repetitive grooves and wah guitars...think Tony's era Gnod but a bit more techno)

Esplendor Geométrico - AL-GIABR
(Spanish repetitive machine grooves from 1992)
Esplendor Geométrico

Faust – So Far
(Faust's second album takes on a VU vibe...still sounds fresh today)

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Sicario OST
(Another flawless soundtrack...has a similar vibe to Gnod's Infinity Machines in places)
Jóhann Jóhannsson 

Screaming Trees – Buzz Factory
(Perfect album of fuzzwah filled proto-grunge psych pop for the start of spring)
Screaming Trees

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