16 Mar 2017

Echoes and Dust review of Hills – Alive at Roadburn

It reads:

Forever destined to stand within Goat’s shadow, label-mates Hills may miss out on the hype & glory that the aforementioned psychedelic tribe get. Or they may not, depending on your point of view as to whether they are one and the same band. Forever entwined in mystery, where the former is getting slightly over-egged, Hills have left it to the music to do the talking. Over the course of three albums, Hills, Master Sleeps and Frid, they have created an other-worldy kind of music which takes in psychedelic extremes of dance, space rock and as in keeping with Goat’s breakthrough release, world music.

It is in the live arena that Hills truly excel and having wowed the crowd at Liverpool Psych Fest in 2015, they did the same thing again at the ever impressive Roadburn Festival. Joining a growing number of artists to have released a live recording of their show at this festival, Hills throw in another worthy addition to their increasing music collection...

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Album is released tomorrow (17 May)