3 Mar 2017

Gnoomes Create Alternatve National Anthem For Dazed & Confused

Dazed and Confused asked 12 musicians create alternative National Anthems and Gnoomes representing Russia step up to the mark.

This is what the article says:

This week, Dazed is celebrating the individuals making powerful, radical protest art in 2017. In an effort to drown out the noise of 2017 – the political and social turmoil, the fake news and the special relationships – we asked twelve musicians to send us a specially-made piece of music that, to them at least, sounds like the country they live in.
The response was massive, with the likes of NON’s Chino Amobi, Rose McGowan and No Bra sending in powerful tyrades against the politics and the patriarchy of the day – their alternative national anthems. Mica Levi left us an upside down answering machine message, drone maven Lasse Merhaug made nearly 40 minutes of nightmarishness and LuckyMe duo Naked puked up a dozen or so Caramel bars, a staple snack in their native Scotland

To read the full list & listen to the Gnoomes version check out:  Dazed