9 Jan 2013

Mix for Gnod/Burnt Offerings new night

Gnod and Burnt Offerings are putting a new monthly night on in their home Islington Mill in Salford.

Resident DJ Vulj Cathartica has put together a mix to give you a taster of the music you wil be hearing in-between live sets by Gnod and other bands each month:

Tracklist is:

Vatican Shadow - Cairo Sword Unsheathed
TM404 The Morphosis Korg Response - 202/303/303/303/606/606
Mordant Music - ModeM
Atrax Morgue - Dissektion
NHK - Paris 26th April 09
Metasplice - Bohrium Slunk
Russell Haswell - MERCURY (crop)
William S. Burroughs - Calling All Active Agents
KPLR - 18.5.5
Emptyset - Armature 
Darling Farah - Bruised
Emptyset - Function: Vulgar Display of Power (Roly Porter variation)

Listen to the mix here Gesamtkunstwerk