29 Jan 2013

Adventures in Soundscape give their praise to the Anthroprophh LP

Adventures in Soundscapes reviews the Anthroprophh LP, this is what they say:

"The arrival of the self-titled, debut album from Anthroprophh on Rocket Recordings offered some extra excitement as it brought with it the unknown, names and psychedelic lineage that I recognised but the music, oh the music, I did not know and I got to step into the unknown… a world created by Anthroprophh that offers a vision of the night, where electronic machine grooves meet fuzz drenched guitars and psychedelic rhythms.

Where the Kandodo album hinted towards the rising of the desert sun, the Anthroprophh album talks of those hours before sunrise.

Hermit Opens with a shrieking burst of psychedelic fuzz and a thunderous, pounding rhythm… hard, fast and heading straight for the heavens…"

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