25 Jan 2013

Music Victim streams exclusive Rocket 'playlist'

Music Victim asked us to put together a 10 track playlist as an 'introduction to Rocket Recordings' to celebrate our 15th Anniversary for their website.

The playlist contains mainly the newer end of our catalogue but there is one rare 'oldie' and one unreleased track thrown in for good measure!!

The tracklist is:

01 Annapurna Illusion - Entering Illusion
02 Gnod/White Hills - Dropout
03 Anthroprophh - Precision
04 Teeth of the Sea - Your Mercury
05 Goat - Goatman
06 Serpentina Satelite - Mecanica Celeste
07 The Heads - Long Gone Pt 2
08 Shit & Shine - Ladies Circles
09 Gnod - Tron
10 Goat - Run to your Mama (Teeth of the Sea mix)

You can listen to the playlist here: Music Victim

Hope you enjoy