8 Jan 2013

Goat make Roadburn's end of year poll

We are pleased to announce that Goat have been awarded th prestigious number 3 spot in Roadburns albums of the year.

This is what Walter the man who runs the festival says about the album:

3.Goat – World Music
“From the tremendous Afro groove that defines the album to the killer fuzz / wah guitars, Turkish rock, kraut repetition, astral folk, head-nodding psych and stonking afro percussion, Goat’s World Music will undoubtedly add to the group’s much talked about mystique –could there be truth to the rumor about an ancient voodoo tradition that can be traced back to Korpolombolo, a small and very remote settlement way up in northern Sweden? Call me a worshipper! Call me insane! Skeptics, beware! Goat will convert you!” — Walter Roadburn.

See the full rundown here Roadburn

And don't forget Goat, Hills and Teeth of the Sea are all playing Roadburn in April