5 Oct 2020

The Quietus review's Deafbrick

They say:

If you’re missing that glitchier, industrial aesthetic from Shame, however, then Deafbrick ought to sort you right out. A collaboration between Deafkids, a Brazillian hardcore act who’ve morphed into a sprawling, noisy, genre-defying beast over the last couple of years, and Petbrick, itself a collaboration between Big Lad mastermind and in-demand producer Wayne Adams and original Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera, Deafbrick is one of those collaborative records (much like The Body and Full Of Hell’s recent team-ups) that feels less like a simple melding of two existing bands and more a whole new entity in its own right. It’s more than happy to be intensely, confrontationally abrasive – tracks like ‘Força Bruta’ and ‘Mega-Ritual’ are an absolute kick in the teeth, seething blasts of mechanically enhanced hardcore that feel like Atari Teenage Riot and Anti-Cimex joining forces to fight off a swarm of android killing machines – but also isn’t afraid to hold back when necessary for maximum impact. The creepy ‘The Menace Of The Dark Polar Night’, for example, builds slowly and steadily from sparse, barely-even-there electronic fluctuations into an oddly grandiose sludgy elegy, before segueing seamlessly into the pounding Godflesh-on-steroids gabber of ‘Máquina Obssessivo-Compulsiva’...

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