20 Oct 2020

The Psych Rock reviews Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wishes LP

They say:

Paisel Unconscious Death Wishes is a wild ride that is to be experienced. The music is indescribable creating a trance that touches the boarders of many nations and many musical styles including krautrock, free jazz, world music, and avant-electronic. The album is magical, ritualistic, tribal and mysterious. Julius Gabriel met João Pais Filipe bleed into the boarders of the known musical universe and push through the veil.

Paisel Unconscious Death Wishes features João Pais Filipe a Portuguese percussionist who has become essential to the experimental music scene. His drumming is unique, powerful and entrancing with all the energy of ritual magic. The German, boundary defying saxophonist, Julius Gabriel makes up the second half of the duo known as Paisel.

Julius Gabriel met João Pais Filipe in 2014 at a record store and set up an jam session which evolved into Paisel. Both of these musicians collaborate with other groups and projects sharing their visionary approach to music. Most notably for this forum is GNOD and João Pais Filipe Faca De Fogo released in 2020.

Paisel Unconscious Death Wishes follows a arch of sound which starts soft and builds to a afro-tribal trance ritual frenzy. The sound then stretches and a noise drone that evokes a deep hidden mystery ensures to the end. The album is art from start to finish there are no tracks that are a highlight the album is a complete song in itself and every movement is perfect and at home with-in the total composition.

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