2 Oct 2020

Introducing Petbrick​ Pet Sounds Vol 1:


Introducing Petbrick​ Pet Sounds Vol 1:

Petbrick have a new EP called Pet Sounds Vol 1 available from today, you can also pick up a Tape and a new T-shirt from the band for Bandcamp day, so go support them.

The Press Text Reads:

Pet Sounds Vol.1 is the first of a series releases that will see Petbrick  explore many unvisited sonic landscapes and take part in unique collaborations – an outlet to help drive positivity during these doomed times for musicians who thrive on a live stage.

Vol.1 features four brand new tracks and the song Lonely Soul features a very special collaboration with LG Petrov – the enigmatic frontman from Swedish Death Metal legends Entombed. Iggor said this about how the collaboration came about, “I have known Lars Göran Petrov since the  early 90’s, we shared the stage many times together, and also shared our love for football.”

Iggor goes on to say “When we finished a demo for one of our new  Petbrick tracks, we felt it would be cool to invite someone to add some  old school black/death metal vocals, so i contacted LG and he was stoked on collaborating with us, he also told me he is a big fan of Aphex Twin,  so it was cool to sing on something in that spectrum. That was before  i was aware of his cancer, so we felt logical to raise all the profits from this release to help our brother. So please support him and also support underground music during these turbulent times:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-petrov.”

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