21 Oct 2020

Bonnacons of Doom tease new music with special 'Carnival Brewing' beer collaboration

Liverpool troupe Bonnacons of Doom have teamed up with fellow Liverpudlian craft beer experts 'Carnival Brewing Company' to create a very special, one-off beer that is inevitably loud; deliciously punchy, indelible and truly awesome...and the resulting beer is the delicious 4.6% lime gose, called 'Pracatan'.

Artwork for 'Pracatan' and the immersive launch video above was created by the ever uber talented Sam Wiehl. And not only that, the launch video features a little taster of a brand new Bonnacons of Doom track called ’Dulse’ the band’s first new music this year, written in the darkest days of lockdown.

'Pracatan'is available to buy online now www.carnivalbrewing.me/shop and in select independent beer shops. 


Dom from Carnival Brewing and the Bonnacons spent one long night riffing on their favourite beer styles. Would it be a strong complex heavy or a dark and bold imperial stout? But as is the way with the Bonnacons, there was a twist up their sleeves.

It was Kate’s idea to create something akin to her favourite cocktail, the Margarita. Fresh and zingy, she wanted something with notes that cut through the mix, mirroring the uplifting and euphoric elements of the band’s sound.

Dom hotfooted it back to Ade’s garage to formulate and master the next Carnival beer. Dom and Ade planned the beer and the recipe gestated; ingredients were ordered and while the fledgling Liverpool brewery was being fitted and installed the recipe finally came together. 

All it needed now was to be christened. Raise a can and shout it loud “PRACATAN”.


Beer Geek time from Carnival Brewing…
We made a light sour beer and added dulse, originally the Irish seaweed which was sourced by Ade’s Mum from his home city of Belfast. We added loads of rock salt, lime zest and lime puree to create a delicious, straw-coloured beer that spins the taste buds into a maelstrom of zingy freshness. 

Once the small-batch beer was trialed on customers at Carnival Brewing’s tasting room bar in Liverpool City Centre, the brewers upscaled the recipe ready for canning.  

The resulting beer is a 4.6% lime gose, perfect for enjoying with your dinner, maybe as an aperitif or while listening to a Bonnacons album.  

Dom from Carnival commented: “We love the Bonnacons, their sonic overload, stage presence and love for performance. We loved the idea of creating something new and unique for the band and its fans, so Pracatan became a thing. Our ethos for collaboration, creative partnerships and joining different creative outlets inspired our journey to form the brewery, which opened in Liverpool city centre in December 2019.”