6 Oct 2020

Rumba talk about Pharaoh Overlord's new album and single

They say:

Pharaoh Overlord, who has shrunk to a duo formed by Jussi Lehtisalo and Tomi Leppänen on the previous album, continues to sound the depths of electronic music. The band's motorik-pulsing and synthesizer-driven album 5, which started as a Circle side project, will be followed up in November by album 6 .

The record is exceptionally published by Rocket Recordings instead of Lehtisalo Ektron. The British company, one of the most interesting psychedelic stables of recent years, has served as home to bands such as Goat , Gnod , Hills , Teeth of the Sea and White Hills .

The first single from Pharaoh Overlord’s 6 album is Without Song All Will Perish . The song is like a disco created on some dystopian dance floor, stripped of humanity. As a singer, Aaron Turner ( Isis , Sumac , Old Man Gloom ) is heard , whose growl contrasts with the music, but ties the atmosphere right there to the dystopian landscapes.

“I thought, for example , of Beherit from the Drawing Down the Moon era , when the band’s music was almost entirely electronic and the only remnant of metal aesthetics was the singing style,” Turner says.

Initially, Lehtisalo and Leppänen asked Turner for songs for a couple of songs, but the collaboration stretched to the size of the whole album.

Read the piece here: Rumba