30 Oct 2020

Rocket Probes – October Playlist

Pharaoh Overlord – Without Songs All Will Perish
(Absolute banger that fuses cosmic Italo disco, Loop'esque fuzz, Abba Melodies and Death Metal vocals from Aaron Turner from ISIS, Old Man GLom etc...the whole album is incredible)
Pharaoh Overlord

Petbrick – Pet Sounds Vol.1
(First of a series of ltd edition EPs – this first one features the mighty LG Petrov from Entombed)

Tomaga – Extended Play 2
(Essential sounds)

Sam Barton – Acid Apple Satin Walls
(Sam from Teeth of the Sea's debut solo album)
Sam Barton 

Leg Puppy – Detroit (Gnoomes Remix)
(Gnoomes drop some acid)
Leg Puppy

Thee Alcoholics – Thee Alcoholics
(Big noises being made on Wrong Speed Records)
Thee Alcoholics

Knyfe Hyts – Super Knowledge
(Brooklyn drones feat Shahin from Oneida) 
Knyfe Hyts

Metal – Point Vacancies
(Rocket remixer Jamie Paton and Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne go 'Metal') 

Coh – II-II Vittorioso calando
(Fuzzed electronics from the great album Strings)

East Of Eden – Jig-a-Jig
(Fuzz and fiddles)
East Of Eden

Batsumi – Lishonile
(Great jazz repetitions)

Nero Kane – Lord Won't Come
(Desert Swans)
Nero Kane

Lucidvox – We are
(Our second favourite Russian band releases great new album)

Matching Mole – Live on Rockenstock
(Love this rare footage Cherrystones posted)
Matching Mole

Sophia Loizou – Untold
(Thanks to Mike Bourne for this recommendation of electronic landscapes)
Sophia Loizou

Nortt - Hedengangen
(Black fuzz)

Paris – The Devil made me do it (Poach A Pig Mix)
(One of the best)

Jah Lion – Sata
(An old fave...what an album!)
Jah Lion

Radie Peat – Dark Horse (This Ain’t No Disco)
(Folked drones)
Radie Peat 

Skogen Bringer – Odjurets Hämnd
(Great Swedish ROCK from a few years ago)
Skogen Bringer

Patrick Cowley ‎– Somebody to Love tonight
(Great original version of this banger – thanks to TOTS for playing it to us)
Patrick Cowley

Funkadelic – Vampy Funky Bernie (3rd Tune Olympic)
(On fire)

Holy Scum – Fuck
(Second EP of noise by this GNOD offshoot)
Holy Scum

Jon Hassell – Amsterdam Blue
(Autumn sounds once again)
Jon Hassell

The Beast – The Beast
(Early 80's metal)
The Beast

Penza Penza – Beware of Penza Penza
(Estonian fuzzed funk - bit of a Fumaca Preta vibe)
Penza Penza

David Fanshawe – Alur Horns (recorded in Uganda)
(Heavy horns and rhythms)
David Fanshawe

UKAEA – Vampire Moth - Energy Is Forever
(Electronic dissonance)

Divide and Dissolve – We Are Really Worried About You
(Great new signing on Invada)
Divide and Dissolve

Third Ear Band – Ghetto Raga
(Thanks to Paddy Shine for the intro to this – like Arbete Och Fritid meets France)
Third Ear Band

Pig Destroyer – The Octagonal Stairway
(Thanks to Iggor for sharing this slice of eclectic noise)
Pig Destroyer 

Circulus – The Aphid
(Wigged out folk grooves)

Tati Au Miel - As someone who truly loves and expresses
(Sonic noise)
Tati Au Miel

Shackleton and Wacław Zimpel – Primal Forms
(Great analogue excursions)
Shackleton and Wacław Zimpel

Thinking Fellers Union 282 – Lovelyville
(Incredibly inventive and absorbing album from '91, we bought it on release from the late and great Revolver Records in Bristol....still and record that amazes today)
Thinking Fellers Union 282

Edan Ahbez – Full Moon
(Dream the dream the dreamers dream)
Edan Ahbez

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