13 Oct 2020

Echoes and Dust reviews Shit & Shine's Malibu Liquor Store

They say:

By my count Malibu Liquor Store is the third Shit & Shine album of 2020, the latest addition to a huge discography of broken dancefloor rhythms, wandering trains of thought and clumps of greasy noise. While you always sort of know what you’re getting yourself into with Shit & Shine, you can never be sure. This time around Craig Clouse is sat out back mixing up rum based cocktails of his own invention. Working by eye from a table of unlikely ingredients on a ‘Hillbilly Hurricane’, a home cook version of a New Orleans classic. It might be home made rum, come to think. The sticky artificial flavours, glowing acid red, seem to fight rather than mask the high alcohol content of raw edged spirits. After a couple it don’t matter anyway, I wish we had some of them paper umbrellas here, y’know? Fancy the place up a little.

The title track glitches into view folding 70’s cop show vibes into the erratic misfiring snares. There’s some chase scene piano jangle that keeps it moving forward past the head on collisions of drums. Broken up as it is, it grooves along, head nodding, and is definitely the type to end a sentence with ‘baby’. The eight numbers here all have different moods but they hang together, carried by a buried sense of motion. ‘Rat Snake’ is a bundle of rolling percussion loops that keep your interest among the random electro buzzing and spaced out guitar noodles. In the past Clouse has set about some violent rhythmic destructions, pulling dance music to pieces on the oily garage floor. These days he often builds intricate and eccentric little rhythm engines that drive his tracks. This is his deceptively simple recipe, beats that bring texture and colour but hold things together with a steady pulse, allowing him to pour abstract scatterings of mood and weirdness over the top...

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