23 Oct 2020

Paisiel LP and GÅS 7" delayed

Today should of seen the release of the Paisiel album, and next Friday should be the release of the GÅS 7". But like the last weeks release of the Anthroprophh 7" repress these other two releases have been delayed also. This is down to serious congestion at the pressing plant due to the results of covid.

Paisiel album is now being released on 20 November, while we hope the GÅS 7" will be ready to be shipped early November. Anthroprophh 7" copies have been shipped and should be available in record shops early next week.

And if you weren't aware, due to the same reason's the Pharaoh Overlord album release date has also moved by a couple of weeks to 27 November.

Thanks for your patience...we can guarantee that all these releases are well worth the wait!