23 Oct 2020

Metal Injection say some words about Pharaoh Overlord

They say:

This always-unpredictable offshoot of the otherwise unpredictable Finnish band Circle seems to have consolidated Ektro labelhead Jussi Lehtisahlo's recent fixation with peppy, business-core sales-meetings-of-the-80s' synth evocations (perhaps this is the most evil music of all? The soundtrack of capitalism blanketed in fuzzy 80's synth nostalgia?). Regardless, the busy Krautrock and Italo-soundtrack influences that have dripped in here get a severe jolt when Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, SUMAC, etc) drops his deathly vocal charge into the mix. A pretty amazing mix of disparate elements and perfect for your next business Zoom meeting background.

See the piece here: Metal Injection