20 Oct 2020

Grizzly Butts say some words about Deafbrick

They say:

After writing an abstract review for quite an abstract album by Deafkids circa 2019, I’d had a fellow write into the site complaining of the complexity of my statements… and I’m still not sure what any fan of such a free-spirited and wildly deconstructive artist would expect otherwise. This has been a common result and very mild long-term struggle with writing about abstract music, and the main reason why I’ve eased up on it this last year, as it seems that many readers who explore the fringes of music want it presented to them plainly and in compartmentalized forms. “Give me a hundred buzz-labels to sieve through ultra-niche electro underground’s cutting edge stuff but please, don’t wax poetic about it.” and it doesn’t take much of this attitude to leave me bristling in response. So, what’d discourage me from racing towards this collaboration of Petbrick and Deafkids?

I’m not sure there is a conversation to have about it where I can illuminate. Maybe you’re a Sepultura fan who has been eager enough to see what Iggor Cavalera has done outside of the metal spectrum, and in that case Petbrick is quite accessible, and well-paired with the industrial crust punk rebellion of Deafkids. Perhaps the conversation is the side-note that Wayne Adams of the infamous Bear Bites Horse studios is always a bit of quiet second mention in reference to Petbrick or, maybe that the live collaboration with Rakta & Deafkids is probably way more exciting and all-too nearby. Alright well, no, none of that is going to suffice or hold up. In terms of ‘Deafbrick‘ the album, its collaboration is entirely inspired and perhaps in ways that ‘Metaprogramação’ (2019) was lacking, bringing some of that late 80’s Ministry and Fudge Tunnel force to their blurry elektro-punk attack. The result could easily have edged towards something like Atari Teenage Riot sans gabber-blasted beats but they’ve kept it all quite buttoned up for this collaboration, as evidenced by the nigh thoughtless cover of Discharge‘s “Free Speech For the Dumb”. If that sounds a bit like a hug with a gentle stab at the end, kinda...

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