21 Dec 2010

'Nothing is...' returns on January 7th plus new Spotify playlist

'What is Nothing Is...?' I hear you whisper. It's hard to say; it's nothing like what it was, and bears no resemblance to what it will be, but it's safe to say 'Nothing Is...' quite what it seems.

It's time to kick off our bi-monthly residency down at the brilliant little sweatbox that is The Alibi, so give January a big poke-sign right in the face and get yourselves down there. Let's face it, it's either that or wallow in self-pity at the realisation that your pathetic lives haven't moved on since last year - it's a no-brainer folks!

Cage and Aviary (Walls have ears / DFA)
Little Dirty (Lithe Records)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)


The Alibi (91 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London E8 2PB)
8pm to 3am
Entry is FREE

Friday 7th January