3 Dec 2010

Bad Acid Magazine’s Triple Burnout Issue featuring Rocket feature and compilation

Bad Acid Magazine’s Triple Burnout Issue OUT NOW!

The last ever Bad Acid features a Rocket label profile & a rare interview with us and the following exclusive Rocket compilation of rare, deleted, new and unreleased tracks:

01 Teeth of the Sea – In the Space Capsule (Launch036)
02 Mammatus – Dragons of the Deep Part 1 (Launch025)
03 Big Naturals – A Good Stalker Never Quits (unreleased track)
04 Ufomammut – Mars (Launch024)
05 White Hills – Oceans of Sound (Launch029)
06 The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers – Don't Wanna Know (Launch030)
07 Sawdust Caesars – You Pigs... (Launch002)
08 Fuzz against Junk – Trenchfoot/Dugout (Launch021)
09 Oneida – Each One Teach One (recorded live at the Croft in Bristol 2009, unreleased)
10 Gnod/White Hills – Spaced Man (Launch037)
11 Serpentina Satelite – AI Apaec (Launch038)
12 Annapurna Illusion – Psychic Ignacio (exclusive forthcoming album track, unmastered)
13 The Heads – You Can Lean Back Sometimes (Launch001)

Bad Acid's press release reads:

The last ever issue of Bad Acid Magazine has hit the streets, and it is a mighty TRIPLE issue, with extra bonus material added. It is HUGE!

The Burnout Issue contains:
Quite possibly the most extensive compilation of deranged underground music ever released. A staggering 40 plus hours of audio covering over 300 bands….. featuring kraut, sludge, doom, crust, noise, spacerock, experimental, psych and drone…..

A huge colour pdf magazine filled with over 250 reviews, 26 interviews and freaked out artwork. You’ll be reading for weeks.

A 4 hour dvd with promo videos, live footage, short film and animation, plus 108 minutes of bonus mp4 material.

Label profiles with interviews, release run downs and label samplers.

For more details visit the Bad Acid Magazine