7 Jun 2016

Gnod / Radar Men from the Moon collaboration

As reported on our previous post  Gnod (as well as Goat, Hills & Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation) is playing this years Eindhoven Psych Lab.

And as part of the festival Gnod are collaborating with Dutch band Radar Men from the Moon.

The press release reads:

RMFTM meets GNOD: Temple Ov BBV
Remember one of last year’s highlights when Radar Men From The Moon entered the stage with The Cosmic Dead? Well, here’s the follow up, which they describe as; ‘Temple Ov BBV is a collaborative work and a performative gesture between RMFTM and GNOD. The culmination of these two groups can be interpreted as a stream of materialized thoughts, in which their work can be listened, viewed and contemplated in ever changing ways.’ They will record an album in the week prior to the festival, and perform a sonic ritual at Eindhoven Psych Lab.

Another reason why Eindhoven Psych Lab is gonna be one of the highlights of the year.
More info and tickets here: Eindhoven Psych Lab

Gnod's new album Mirror can be ordered from here: Rocket Bandcamp

Photos on Facebook with the collaboration: here