29 Jun 2016

The Quietus reviews Goat at Field Day

It reads:

Shacklewell Arms  Stage

That you get more bang for your buck where Goat are concerned is always pretty much a given but their explosive set at the Shacklewell Arms tent not only raises their own lofty bar but also clears it with a verve, energy and exuberance that borders on the shamanic.

The Afrobeat rhythms that have transplanted themselves to northern Europe is the bedrock on which they base their campaign: these are sounds and pulses that bypass the head, do not stop to collect £200 and aim straight for the hips. This is a band that knows who to satisfy those primal urges, that understand the need of inducing trance-like states through repetitious and vigourous dancing.

Yet be that as it may, it’s when Goat begin to go off-road that things really take off. Witness ‘Run To Your Mama’ which takes flight thanks to a genuinely thrilling, wigged out and adventurous guitar workout that sends the assembled throng into a paroxysms of joy and wild abandon. By the end of their allotted time, wide smiles are the order of the day as spent and satiated fans tumble from the tent as they attempt to make sense of the orgasmic joy they’ve just experienced. — Julian Marszalek

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