28 Jun 2016

MusicOMH reviews Necro Deathmort

It reads:

The hugely prolific Necro Deathmort make a return with an album that sees the ball on their genre-straddling roulette wheel land on “Early 80s Horror Sci-Fi Flick”. Whilst the duo of Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson tend to occupy the somewhat barren electronic hinterland of metal, The Capsule finds them floating, capsule bound in space, with nothing but synths and electronic atmospherics for company…or so they might think. There are no guitars here – it would seem that in space, no one can hear you strum.

The eerie silences that punctuate Kubrick’s 2001 or segments of Alien might well ratchet up the tension, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of a sinister bass line or relentless drum pattern. The first half of The Capsule has both in spades. The motorik pulse of In Waves is irresistible as it drives the duo out into the infinite. Voices drift in and out of the mix, some are definitely human...

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