27 Jun 2016

The Quietus reviews H.U.M - Trinity Way

It reads:

Let's begin in suitably cosmopolitan style with a pan-European project which goes by the name of H.U.M. Its members are Gnod associate Mark Wagner, the Italian-born Olmo Uiutna and France's Héloïse Zamzam. 

Trinity Way's opening track is all ominous drones, spacey swirling sounds, random percussive chimes and spoken-word lyrics evoking Michael Moorcock's Hawkwind guest spots. The word "love" is chanted several times which is a pleasant enough sentiment but the creepy music suggests that this hippy fiesta is on the verge of inverting to its Manson-esque flipside of abuse, indoctrination and violence. You can imagine the vocal track was recorded while wearing blood-red robes embroidered with patterns of goats. 

The following number is sung in French which makes the vibe extra suave/ sophisticated/ sexy/ Satrean/ sinister/ shiraz-sozzled (delete according to your own prejudices). It's actually a reworking of Françoise Hardy's 'Comment Te Dire Adieu' that's been rendered completely unrecognisable from the Austin Powers-friendly pop ditty original and twisted into something significantly more unearthly. 'Welcome To The Sea', meanwhile, is part-Stooges, part-Coil and part bad-trip poetry slamdown and elsewhere there's a whole lotta chanted avant-garde occult-ritual drone work, including a climactic composition which sounds like a transistor radio trying to hypnotise some bagpipes into suffocating Current 93's David Tibet as he sleeps soundly on his bed of nails.

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