15 Jun 2016

ONEMETAL review Teeth of the Sea at Raw Power

ONEMETAL review the Teeth of the Sea show at Raw Power with a 5 out of 5:

Photography by Jose Ramón Caamaño

Providing the first of many standout performances at Raw Power was Teeth of the Sea – the band that create highway soundtracks for films that don’t exist. After being introduced to them through a here support of Saturday’s headliners in 2013 – I can honestly say that Teeth of the Sea have somehow managed become even more essential. Weaving pounding sonic tapestries that bleed neon lit cool; it’s hard not to be completely intoxicated by their mixture of…well…everything. I was greatly anticipating hearing another rendition of ‘Responder’ as the closing track; but it was their newest material that really resonated and demanded attention. It’s hard not to be taken aback as you hear the distorted cries of ‘Animal Manservant’ and boggle at how they are being reproduced. Their mystic and grandeur fails to cover the sheer primeval nature of it all – with crushing percussion cutting through film reel atmospherics and tequila lime flavoured trumpets. There is no doubt in my mind that one day Teeth of the Sea will headline a festival like Raw Power – and with performances like this you start to wonder if that time is far off at all. Utterly gripping.

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