7 Jun 2016

The Quietus review Teeth of the Sea's performance at Desertfest 2016

At Desertfest 2016 Jamie Skey finds no shortage of riffwork, an atmosphere buoyed by a tide of locally brewed fluids, and the unrepentant and unmistakable crushing bombast of Teeth of the Sea:

.....'On Friday evening, beer bellies are set jiggling to the Clutch-sans-paranoia sounds of Maryland’s Lionize. Among the keg-party ready riffs, the smooth-edged stoners here and there sprinkle some sensimilla-saturated reggae interludes. Three cans of Black Betty (a strong, dark, aniseed-y brew) and a spliff down an alley later, and we’re ready to party hard, and London post-techno savages Teeth Of The Sea duly oblige us with their dancefloor-igniting, trumpet-blasted, monstrous minimalism that sounds refreshingly like nothing else on the bill – or anything else in existence for that matter. We have to elbow our way to the front, as at the back by the bar the sound quality is muddled, and we keep mistaking their incendiary churn for the sort of ‘progressive’ psy-trance nonsense you’d hear at an Infected Mushroom gig. Along the front row, we feel the full force of Mat Colegate’s primitive floor-tom flogging and death-by-boiling howls.'.....

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