23 Jun 2016

The Monitors reviews Necro Deathmort's The Capsule

It reads:

You really can’t have enough death-related words in your band name in my morbid opinion. Dead Kennedy’s, Napalm Death, Heaven 17. So obviously if you call your band Necro Deathmort you will pique my craggy interest. With thier new album, The Capsule, Necro Deathmort can consider my interest well and truly piqued.

Yes their playful name may conjure up dour images of stoic Scandinavian black metallers, un-humorously plodding away at horror-obsessed crust metal, or rubber-wearing novelty-goons, but Necro Deathmort are, thankfully, a lot more interesting than the stereotype their name suggests.

Necro Deathmort, comprising of Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson, create music that meets at the desolate, lonely crossroad of electronic music and doom metal. As Rozeik has said, Necro Deathmort originally set out “to make electronic music that was as heavy as doom metal”...

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