5 Aug 2013

ATP interview Goat

Ahead of Goats performance of the last ever ATP weekender in November, the people of ATP asked Goat some questions:

Do your best to describe your sound in one sentence: 
World Music

What are the most recent activities of your band? 
We played Primavera Sound which was a blast.

How excited are you to play this event? 
Very very excited!

How do you feel about being asked to play the last ever ATP holiday camp event? 
Like a million bucks man!  Totally stoked, thanks a lot for the opportunity.

Do you have a connection with the curators / an idea why you were chosen to play? 
No not that I know of at least, but my guess is they like the sound of Goat?

Which of your releases do you feel ATP attendees should check out first?

Read the full interview here: ATP