8 Aug 2013

Line of the Best Fit interviews Goat

The Line of the Best Fit have just published this great interview with Goat:

"Where do you start with a band like Goat? Not only are they one of the most enigmatic and intriguing acts to emerge in the last few years, but they’re also one of the most exciting and critically-acclaimed, featuring in countless ‘End of Year’ lists in 2012 for their album World Music – and with a blistering live show to boot.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that they never reveal their names. Anonymity is key to Goat who, like fellow Swedes The Knife, play live only occasionally, masking their faces whenever they do. However, we manage to pin one of them down for a rare chat while they are waiting to board a flight to Poland, having a beer, a glass of white wine, a Jägermeister – and a shrimp sandwich.

“I don’t like flying,” the nameless band member adds, as if to justify the need for all three alcoholic drinks.

It’s a surprisingly grounded statement (literally) from a member of such a far out and worldly collective, but it quickly becomes apparent that despite all appearances, Goat (or at least this particular member) perhaps aren’t quite as outlandish as you might think. When asked how being involved with such a unique group affects their day-to-day lives, the response is disappointingly ordinary.
“It doesn’t affect our daily lives as much as people think. We don’t speak about Goat to anyone we meet.”

And, when questioned further as to what it is they do in their spare time, the response is even more curt than before.

“I don’t know, the same as you I guess.”

Read the fill piece here: The Line of the Best Fit