23 Aug 2013

Teeth of the Sea's 5 acts to watch at Incubate

From the Incubate site:

We asked London based electronic postrock band Teeth Of The Sea which 5 Incubate acts they definitely can’t miss out on.  They’ve chosen the following:

We were all fans of Pete Swanson’s work in Yellow Swans, but when he put out ‘Man With Potential’ recently the combination of excoriating modular synthesis and four-on-the-floor bears just  just ripped our heads off. It ended up being a big influence on our own new album MASTER. There’s one track in particular, ‘Remote View’, which I still just play over and over; it’s like standing on Mars next to a power station the size of Australia with a head full of acid. We can’t wait to get down to Pete’s unearthly jams.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to arrive in Tilburg in time to see much of the Friday, but if I were there I’d be sure to see this bunch of terror titans. I’ve always loved the epic bravura that Immortal brought to black metal; it’s no kind of insult to say they’re the necro KISS. The whole Friday line-up’s very strong, and Mayhem are a very hard band to beat for fathomless perversity and sheer spite, but we’re all safe in the knowledge that Immortal will be the chilliest, most windswept party in town.

On the other hand, although he’s equally chilly, it’s probably fair to say that Tim Hecker doesn’t offer the same kind of hell-for-leather showbiz thrills.  Yet when you have tunes at your disposal like those on Ravedeath 1972, that becomes a moot point. The ghostly ambience and abrasive textures of that record are completely transporting, and it’s testimony to the power of Incubate that the punters can look forward to both the most in-your-face aggro and this kind of celestial bliss.

Just saw this Argentinian three-piece at Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire, and they blew us away; they veer between being the best minimal party soundtrack in an ESG style and the most invigorating garage-punk band on the block, and sometimes both at the same time. Their album ‘Kellies’ was produced by reggae godhead  Dennis Bovell, and is stupid fresh and well worth a listen.

At least one member of our band is dangerously obsessed with Dominic Fernow, and we’ll all be very glad to get another chance to get to see him flailing around onstage like some nightmarish hybrid of an overexcited goth teenager in his bedroom and Jaime Gumb from Silence Of The Lambs. Oh yeah, and making some of the most visionary electronic racket currently in circulation, of course.

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