12 Aug 2013

Goat go Way out West

Goat played three festivals last weekend.

Way out West in Sweden interviewed the band a couple of days before they played:

"It's safe to say that the experimental fusion genre isn't one that has been particularly well-documented over the last few years, in Sweden nor in general around the world, but Gothenburg-based and Norrbotten-birthed Goat have recently definitely done their fair share to make the description a well-used one. Their debut album World Music (the name reflects the content, to say the least) made Goat an affaire worth entailing far from the modern day rumble of Gothenburg and the secluded stillness of Korpilombolo, and was lauded by the world-renowned The Guardian as one of the very best albums of 2012. So it makes perfect sense for Goat to be playing a festival like Way Out West, a booking that presents itself as another opportunity for festival visitors to fall for the ever-mysterious and secretive aura that surrounds the band. We sat down with Goatfacekillah for a chat about the festival, Gothenburg, and music.

What are you looking forward the most to seeing at Way Out West? We're playing at Øya on Friday and at Flow on Sunday so I don't think we'll be able to see that much. But, we're obviously looking forward to seeing and looking out over the audience from stage the most.

What acts should festival visitors under no circumstances miss at Way Out West this year? Maybe Ravi Coltrane and Omar Souleyman? Public Enemy. Allah-Las, obviously. I'm sure there are tons of other amazing acts playing there, too. She's great too, Iris Dement? Is that her name? The country singer? 

What act would you book if you took over Way Out West? Silvester Anfang II.

What are your best memories from Way Out West and Gothenburg? I've actual never been to the festival before…I moved from northern Sweden just a couple of years ago. And memories from Gothenburg include a lot of nice nightly visits to Botaniska. Or the raves at Sjöbergern when I first moved here, I liked those too. Or just skipping stones in the water in the harbour with my son, that's fun.

Do you have any great Gothenburg tips for the visitors that you yourself enjoy spending time doing when you're in town? Just take it easy, no stress. Take a trip out to Ringön in the middle of the night and go for a walk. Alone.

Do you dabble exclusively in voodoo or have you had excursions to other branches of the occult? What the common man perceives as occult is just something that hasn't been explored thoroughly enough yet. We can all teach our consciousness new things. Music is one of the best ways of exploring the spiritual parts of ourselves. We believe that people living now, today, need to relaxed a bit more and lose themselves a lot more. Right?

Do you have a favourite masked act or band that you feel deserves extra salutations or just more exposure? There are several, of course, but one group that we love is The Residens. They deserve tons of praise and respect."

See the interview in full here: Way out West