30 Aug 2013

Rocket Probes August Playlist

Blood Sport – A life in Units / ø
(Debut album and an older (free) ep of slightly afro tinged psych pop and zoned out drones from this great Sheffield band)
Blood Sport

Theo Verney – TVEP

(Amazing cassette of fuzz filled psych pop with an early Sub Pop feel from this Brighton band...keep your eye son Mission Control for some exciting news regarding Theo Verney)
Theo Verney

Frisk Frugt – Palmevinsdrikkerens Vækkelses Blues / Hvordan To Halvmåner Bliver Til 4/4

(Two great tracks of experimental afro psyche from their latest album...think Master Musicians meets Tinariwen meets early Akron Family)
Frisk Frugt

Rodion G.A. – The Lost Tapes

(Essential analogue Electronica and heavy fuzz from 78 - 83 from this unknown Romanian producer )

Evil Blizzard – Sacrifice

(The repetition of Fall and some mighty fuzz wah make this a killer track...downwload for free)
Evil Blizzard

Royal Baths 
(Spacemen 3 / Family Lips hypnopop)
Royal Baths

Skogen Brinner 
 Odjurets Hämnd 
(70's sounding Swedish proto metal)
Skogen Brinner

Eih, A.L.K. & Brother Clark, Damin 
(1973 private press psych)

Telefon Paisa 
 Arabic in the Morning
(The Fall sounding 1971 Swedish psych)
Telefon Pasia

GR & Full-Blown Expansion 
– s/t
(Bo Diddley meets Faust)
GR & Full Blown Expansion

 Illusion Fields
(Syd Barrett meets Raw Power)

Connan Mockasin  Forever Dolphin Love
(Just love this, especially the video)

Icarus Line 
 Slave Vows
(Stooges sounding monster)
Icarus Line

JW Farquhar  The Formal Female
(1972 rock opera)
JW Farquhar

Brenda Ray  D'Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years 1979-83
(Post punk dub)
Brenda Ray

CoH  II-II Vittorioso Calando 
(Dirty futuristic electroinica)