6 Jun 2012

Goat makes 'Revolt of the Apes' band of the week

Highly endorsed website Revolt of the Apes has made Goat their band of the week.

"We’ve been entranced by the eyes of this Goat since the end of this past year (though also, perhaps, since the beginning of time), when their peculiar, possibly mythologized presence became revealed to us not in a dream, but under the cover of a seven-inch record from the incomparable Rocket Recordings, a bombastic-blast of Baphomet-beat wrapped in a wonderful Bathory-blaspheming sleeve.

Swedish cats making stomping, stinging African-influenced wah-wah juju voodoo, fomenting a fuzz-box fatwā fed by the French-Spanish incantations of the creole culture bred in American-Louisiana and spread further afield, toward the rocket-fueled birthplace of the steady and suggestive rock and roll beat, a rhythm built for kings and queens, winding up sounding something like a modern incarnation and diabolic distillation of the kosmische calls made by Ash Ra Tempel’s energetic, mind-expanding Egyptology?

No wonder their upcoming debut is entitled “World Music.” We’re not certain the world is prepared for this music. We’re very certain that we were not. And now that we’re firmly under the spell of the Goat, we know the difference between being prepared and unprepared is separated in our minds by the thinnest of margins – margins that are, for all intents and purposes, rendered inconsequential by our psyche and our shared experiences. Let go and let Goat."

See the piece in full here here