27 Aug 2021

GOAT's album Headsoup is released today

"Summons the ancient spirits of Festival summers gone by." 5/5

"Celebrates the vibrant trajectory of a band like no other." 9/10 Backseat Mafia

"Thundering psychedelic intensity." 4/5 Hi-Fi Choice

"If you’re not part of the cult, prepare yourself for the initiation." 4.5/5 NARC

"A cosmic brew of anything that raises the temperature." Prog

"Ecstatic, hypnotic psych rock." The Observer

"Demolishes the walls of perception." Clash

"Fire-and-brimstone psych rock." The Guardian


Today sees the release of Headsoup, the new album by GOAT that collects together rare and non album tracks, plus two incredible new songs written especially for this release.

The album is available on 6 x different vinyl versions and CD – all versions are ltd and all are apparently in very short supply! We have completely sold out of our copies at source, so what is in the shops is all there is, and with the current vinyl manufacturing issues we are all facing, there won't be any more available for a long time! So we encourage you to buy on sight if you want one of these very special albums.


Sometimes dark and heavy, at others joyous and beautiful, like Goat themselves ‘Headsoup’ is mysterious and constantly shapeshifting, difficult to properly pin down but constantly enthralling. Jazz-flute solos, pounding Afrobeat rhythms, ferocious desert blues, drifting Ethio-jazz and churning drones are just a fraction of their dazzling mix of influences. This is, as the name of Goat’s first album made clear, ‘World Music’ in its most complete form, a sound unrestrained by genre boundaries.

Almost a decade since Goat first emerged from the depths of Korpilombo, there is still no other band on earth that sounds quite like them.

GOAT have also announced a handful of rare shows, and if you have witnessed this band in full flight on a stage before, you know these opportunities are not to be missed:

Sep 11-12 / GR / Athens / Plissken Festival
Oct 23 / SE / Malmo / Plan B