24 Aug 2021

Narc reviews GOAT's Headsoup

They say:

Cursed Swedish psych gurus and heralds of the Goat legend have collected together b-sides, obscurities and non-album singles from across their feral output in this their latest alchemical gathering along with a couple of brand spanking new tunes.

As a testament to the tribe, it perfectly catalogues the calculated disorder of their psychoactive paganish sound, mysterious and most definitely psyched out. Included in this voodoo amalgam is an exclusive radio edit of 2018’s glorious Let It Burn and the compilation is perfectly topped off with the second uncut gem Queen Of The Underground resplendent in its ermine lined blistering fuzzed-out wah-wah solo crescendo. If you’re not part of the cult, prepare yourself for the initiation. 4.5/5

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