23 Aug 2021

Backseat Mafia gives GOAT's Headsoup a 9/10 review

They say:

All manner of questions abounded throughout the long absence of psych collective Goat, since the 2017 release of their third album Requiem. Would the great Gods of psych-dom return, especially considering the fullness and finality of this last record – and the ambiguous, ominous meanings given off by the title? Would a goat – perhaps similarly to the documentary in which their soaring ‘Let It Burn’ single featured – need to be sacrificed for the band’s return? Or would the essence of Goat instead live on through the similar divinity of DJINN?

Such fears are undoubtedly assuaged by Headsoup, a collection of standalone singles, deliciously chosen B-sides and other delights, that maintains Goat’s quintessential unpredictability. Though it is confirmation of their return, Headsoup does nothing to taint the sacred mystery of Goat; the album leaves as much yearning for answers to the Goat lore as you’d have when first learning of their creative, embryonic settlement in the voodoo imbued Komprilombo; and is also colossally rewarding for both those new to the Swedish collective, and those familiar with their every elusive move, or at least thought they were...

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