31 Aug 2021

Rocket Probes – August 2021 playlist

Smote – Hauberk

(Join the ritual)

GOAT – Fill my Mouth
("I got a hunger screaming inside")

Leg Puppy – Your Profile is Dope (Gnoomes remix)
(More Gnoomes remix excellence)

Various – Strain Crack & Break: List Volume Two (Germany)
(Another essential compilation – a real journey of tracks picked out from the legendary Nurse With Wound list)

The Oscillation – Untold Futures
(New track from Demian and co)
The Oscillation

Salò – Malizia / Rogo
(Feat Mai Mai Mai)

Hidden Orchestra – Sonic Woodland
(Site specific, 40min + piece played through10 outdoor speakers in a woodland clearing)
Hidden Orchestra

Formația Savoy - Povestea Lui Păcală
(Romanian fuzzwah pop)
Formația Savoy

Oronzo De Filippi – Meccanizzazione
(Shit and Shine recommendation – weird repetitive jazz from late 60s)
Oronzo De Filippi

The Red Crayola – Born In Flames
(You could say LCD Soundsystem liked this rack?)
The Red Crayola

Nancy Priddy - You've Come This Way Before
(Poppy psyched folk from '68)
Nancy Priddy

Killing Joke – Change
(Classic banger)
Killing Joke

Afterwardness – Afterwardness
(Still) great repetitions)

Nico – It was a pleasure then
(One of her best)

Grant Beyschau – Munds Spring
(Nice sounds from Myrrors drummer
Grant Beyschau

Alice Cooper – Hallowed be my name
(The Cooper band get the groove on)
Alice Cooper

Paolo Modugno ‎– Brise D'Automne
(Tribal electronic ambience from '88)
Paolo Modugno

David Peel and Death – King of Punk
(Scuzz rock from Lower East Side in '78)
David Peel and Death

CZLT – Junkyard
(Doomed sitar)

Ishmael Ensemble – Soma Centre
(Analogue rhythms from Bristol)
Ishmael Ensemble

Grup Bunalım – Yeter Artık Kadın
(Primal Turkish garage from 1970)
Grup Bunalım

Popol Vuh – Agape Agape
(Centrum were singing this later albums praises to us)
Popol Vuh

Big Youth And Niney - Blood & Fire (Extended Mix)
(Let it burn)
Big Youth And Niney

Blue Ruth – John Wick
(Spacey electronics)
Blue Ruth

Shelagh McDonald – Mirage
(Nice folk groove in a Tim Buckley way)

Celtic Frost – Into the Pandemonium
(Definitely a marmite album for many...but we're lovers here!)
Celtic Frost

Missterspoon – Contraband
(Blew our minds live)

Soft Machine – Soft Space
(Soft Machine go disco...thanks Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea, it was a 'moment'!)
Soft Machine

Roxane Métayer – Éclipse des ocelles
(Walk into a record shop and an album they are playing pricks up your ears, 30 mins later you leave with that said album under the arm....thanks World of Echo)
Roxane Métayer 

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy – Kartoffel Garten
(Thanks to SoFa for the switch-on)
Psychedelic Digestion Therapy

Rolling Sones – Midnight Rambler
(RIP Charlie)
Rolling Sones

Lee Perry – Disco Devil
(RIP Lee Perry)
Lee Perry 

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