8 Apr 2019

Songs to Nowhere interviews MIEN - one year on from their album release

An interview with Mien a year after
Mien is a four-piece band, with a name that came in a dream of one of them. But they're just not any other four-piece band. They are the gathering of four minds, voices and skills somewhat known across the globe; Alex Maas ( Black Angels), Rishi Dhir ( Elephant Stone), Tom Furse ( The Horrors ) and John-Mark Lapham ( The Earlies ). To have these four creating something together is more than an argument to go and check it out, with  100% certainty that whatever they did is worth being listened.

Today marks a year since the release of the album Mien, from which Bad Habit was the first single released a couple of months before. 

It's an album that enclosures a bit of everything we could expect from Mien, Bad Habits is a very good example of that statement, but at the same time is surprisingly fresh and renewed in songs like Hocus Pocus or even I'm Tired ( Western Shouting ), an original song from Pete International Airport.  in this journey they brought themselves much closer to another sonoritys, mixing all the accentuated 60's references and bringing them all to the 21st century. But I was really curious about how all this happened, and they were kind enough to enlight me a bit more with this interview which I now share, and for what I'm grateful. 

Songs to Nowhere -  Could you introduce to our readers the concept of MIEN?

Alex Maas -  This is collective of music lovers/composers who where brought together by Rishi Dhir the Ravi Shankar of Montreal.  We trade ideas and concepts virtually through email exchanges from where ever we are at the moment. 

STN- What inspired you to make music together?

ALEX -  There is a general concept of what all turns us on sonically that was discovered after we started sharing ideas. This kind of unspoken vision is something we all believe in...

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