10 Apr 2019

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Interviewed by NE Volume

 NE Volume interview Pig Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ahead of their Gatehead home coming show:

It reads:

North East outfit Pigsx7 head to Sage, Gateshead this month so Nathan Douthwaite caught up with them to speak about hometown gigs, their latest record, and to discuss how they decided on their name.

First of all, the Sage is a homecoming gig for you as a band. What makes this venue so great?

There are loads of great venues in the North East; some of our favourites are Star and Shadow and The Cluny and we’ve played both of those the past couple of years. We’re looking forward to seeing how our live show carries over into the Sage; it should sound and look very impactful in there given the equipment they have at their disposal and the capacity of the room means we can get some extra heads in there too. The past few Newcastle shows we’ve oversold a little and then had to start turning people away which was a shame.

Will the show be any different with it being in your hometown?

There’ll be a lot of friends and family there which always makes these shows feel a bit more special. It’s also the final date of the tour. In the past, we’ve usually started tours in the North East and ended them elsewhere so it’ll be nice to end the tour here when we’re well oiled.

Your second album, ‘King of Cowardsʼ, is out now. How has your sound and writing process changed since the first record?

We were a band for four years before we released our debut album. Taking that long to release it had its benefits but we certainly didn’t want to wait so long to release our second so we put ourselves under a bit of pressure to get another album to our label. Sonically, ‘King Of Cowards’ benefited from us being able to record at the new Blank Studios premises. Our guitarist, Sam, designed and built the studio so he knows every inch of it – it has a huge live room which definitely enhanced our recordings. We also experimented more with extra layers and textures. This record features moments of insane sax playing, some extra help on vocals from our friends, small parts of percussive piano and some wild synth playing courtesy of Richard Dawson.....

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