21 Apr 2019

Neolyd reviews Centrum

They say:

The truth is out there. True happiness comes from within. These are exactly the thoughts that Centrum wants to stimulate: "The listener should be given the opportunity to relax and be taken on a journey." In order to dispel all misunderstandings, the band delivers the audio guide for their music in the album title. Accordingly, "För Meditation" also consists of four long, schwurbeligen concentration exercises that are diametrically opposed to the hectic pulsating everyday life.

As if to say goodbye, before the first piece starts we get another selection of stressors delivered free to the door: street noise, car noise, driving people away. "Vid Floden" then settles slowly like a soothing balm on the scenario, swells barely noticeable. The Swedes are drifting in a river of drone, psychedelia and matra-like vocals and, despite their distinct oriental orientation, are always one-footed in the legacy of bands like Velvet Underground or Popol Vuh. It takes five minutes for "För Meditation" to unfold completely. Then, however, any civilizational disturbance is banished from consciousness.

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